Where it Started

For a really long time I have been fond of cool pictures. I remember  downloading applications from the app market just to get a cool photo background/wallpaper. Occasionally I used whichever phone I had to capture anything that caught my eyes, it was never up to the standard of the “pros” of course. I couldn’t quite describe photography to be a hobby at that time, however in 2018 I went through a phase that made my interest for capturing things grow rapidly. I had a Samsung Galaxy S8 and will go out and explore with the sole purpose of taking pictures. 

I captured things different from the “normal person” and I was labelled a “good photographer” by my friends, mainly on Instagram. I then decided to gift myself a camera (Canon 5d Mark ii) around October 2018. Despite it being a professional camera, I only purchased it to use for fun. I hadn’t determined a “Pro Photographer” was my destiny. I had fun with my camera. I travelled and took amazing pictures (Sierra Leone) in March 2019. 

Back to UK and still capturing whatever caught my eyes and working my full time job at the same time, opportunities started to surface (Top Boy) and I took pretty cool shots of well known celebrities (Drake, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Krept, Micheal Ward & more). At this point I started thinking “Hmm, maybe I could do this full time”. I continued working full time but using my free time to perfect my photography skills. I worked in Events management but in December 2019 I decided to jump ship and do photography full time. I shot some amazing Events along the way up until the COVID-19 pandemic. I recently covered the Black Lives Matter movement which I am most proud of in comparison to everything else I’ve captured. It is personal to me on a different level. I will release another blog post in the future to better explain that.

That was a shorter version of where I stared up until now. Stay tuned and continue to support my photography. I will keep working hard daily to be creative and produce a unique feel to my art. Through hard work, willingness , humbleness and determination I am still growing in my field and I do believe with all my heart great things are yet to come.